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This is for anyone who has not yet discovered this show.  It is a Netflix original, four seasons out on there now with a fifth having been commissioned, so you can relax, tune in, turn on and drop into the wonderful world that Raphael Bob Waksberg and team have created for us.  What have we done to deserve such a thing?  Who knows.  Just sit back and Enjoy!

What is it about?  Well, it’s a cartoon.  It is for adults.  It is very, very funny, funny enough to cause actual physical pain.  It is about Hollywood and fame and consumerism.  It is about depression, alcoholism and addictions.  Sometimes it is very moving, sometimes sad.  It contains layer upon layer of perfectly written (and drawn) jokes, observations and social commentary.  The opening credits, the backgrounds, no effort has been spared to make every little detail rich and full of depth.  To do it justice I’d have to re watch it all from the beginning, notepad in hand, as there will be much I have missed.  However, I know there’s a good chance I won’t do that, so this will have to do.

I forgot to mention that it has animals and people in it.  So a dog might go out with a human, a cat with a mouse.  I almost missed this bit out because it doesn’t really help convey what it is actually like to watch it.

Oh, and Raphael Bob Waksberg,  the creator of the show, is a feminist and a vegan.  This means that he is aware of gender bias in comedy and so you will see things such as a ship’s captain being a woman.  Not because it’s a story about how a ship’s captain is a woman, but because there’s a ship in the story, it needs a captain, and ship captains can be men or women.  This shouldn’t be remarkable, but it is.

Re the vegan bit, in the chicken episode (I am a vegan, so that’s the clip I’ll be including) there’s a line that goes: (describing the conditions that food chickens are kept and killed in) WHAT IF WE’RE IN SOME DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE AND WE’RE THE MONSTERS?

Did I mention the amazing writing?  A male character is confronted by a woman crying:  As a typical American male I am woefully ill prepared to handle a woman’s emotions.  I was not taught, and I refuse to learn.

It’s not just the big stuff that resonates.  In the middle of a spaghetti disaster, someone shouts, if only we had some olive oil to stop it sticking.  Another character shouts back, olive oil doesn’t actually prevent spaghetti from sticking, that’s just a myth.