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Warning, quite boring unless it’s the sort of thing you are interested in

We plan to go to Thailand first, where from what I understand we would be able to buy everything anyway, but I don’t want to have to go shopping as soon as I arrive.

I want to travel as light as possible, but I am also quite attached to my ‘products’ although I realise I can’t take a year’s supply of everything:  I am assuming I will be able to get most things in the big cities and that I will just adjust and start using whatever’s available.  I am also Little Ms Health and Safety and a bit OCD which doesn’t help to keep the list down.  If you live in India or have travelled there and have advice about what to cross off or what to add, please do tell me as any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

The list:

Thyroxine extras, name to buy it under in Thailand, nasal spray, needles for India, doctor’s letter for carrying needles in Thailand, Iodine/life straw/pen/alternative method of water purification, metal water carrier, antibiotics, diarrhoea meds, rehydration meds, cystitis meds, thrush meds, athletes foot cream, plasters, sterile dressings, sterile wipes, antiseptic, aloe vera gel, arnica, tea tree oil, mosquito repellent, mosquito net, Shewee, day pack, money belt, sheet sleeping bag, waterproof sheet, ear plugs, dust masks, inflatable travel pillow, travel towel or flannel, universal plug, passport photos, padlock, one smart phone, one basic long battery life phone, tablet, plus chargers and adapter, swiss army knife, tweezers, needle and thread, reading glasses, emery boards, hairbrush and hairbands, Lush deodorant bar and solid shampoo-soap, Oil of Olay face cream, Body Shop hemp hand cream, vaseline for lips, body lotion, small sunscreen, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, talcum powder, wax strips, Mooncup and cloth sanitary pads, (plus tampons, pads and liners because I’m not perfect all the time), sunglasses, etnies or other good sandals and light shoe/trainers, flip flops, cotton long sleeved shirts x3, long cotton trousers x2 one black to not show dirt when travelling, one light coloured for evenings as less attractive to mosquitos I am told, big thin pale scarf, sun hat, pacamac and for Thailand only- skirt and blouse, vest tops x2.