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This is Alfie the cat, sitting in a sunny spot on top of the shed in the garden of his new home.  We can’t take the cats travelling with us.


So, dismantling your home is stressful.  Selling a house is stressful, with  last minute things such as electrical safety tests, extra expenses, and we won’t even know it’s really happening until contracts are exchanged, which could be weeks away.  But the buyer has been round, she brought her kids, they ate Foxes Party Rings (vegan) and picked out their bedrooms, and their mum and I vowed not to pull out.

I’m working out my notice and in true me style trying to cram as much in as possible.  I’ve even got a student right up until I leave, but luckily she is awesome.  I want to enjoy it as it’s my last hurrah, but I don’t want to enjoy it too much as I intend to literally burn my career and never go back to it once I leave.  So when stuff happens that I don’t like such as stressful things I have to deal with, I feel pleased in a way because I can say, well that’s to remind me why I don’t want to do this anymore.  (I am perverse, I know.)  And there’s been matrix tests, you could call them, such as a new IT system installed so that I was locked out of my computer for a week.  Or was it just a good opportunity to take my foot off the gas and empty out my filing cabinets, which had to be done at some point?

Outside of work, an uncancelled insurance policy took £700 out of my account, we got it back but not before we’d spent several hours applying for an overdraft extension and a credit card (both declined), extending the credit union loan and getting a payday loan to survive January.  But we sorted it all out without panicking.

I got ill, me, who never gets ill, actually sick with a vomiting bug and two days off work.  Both feeling super stressed but not sure why, just the move, the process.

And of course we’ve been ‘planning our trip’.  We are actually getting out of the living room and going on an actual trip, involving flights and visas and cards and travellers cheques and slinging a load of first aid supplies and a few clothes into a small-medium sized backpack and going off to see the actual world!  Our main preoccupation has been how to avoid the super hot heat and although our plans have changed multiple times, and probably will again, we currently have a rough plan sketched out.  Firstly, go straight to India as soon as we can.


In other news:

Here are my newly healed tattoos which complete the (mainly cover up) work on my left arm.

The white rabbit is inspired by The Matrix film, which is twenty years old next year.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.  If you have seen it, I recommend watching it again.  Just a peony to go on my right arm to cover the old tattoo there and I am all set!

In cultural news:

We at last finished watching Walking Dead, so are up to date with that.  I was ill and so watching it made me feel better, my husband wasn’t ill so watching it made him feel worse.  I don’t know why we do it to ourselves but we’ve invested so much time and energy in it that it seems a shame to just stop watching, even if it isn’t exactly enjoyable.

Also re watched for the umpteenth time the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, watched three episodes of the fantastic Black Mirror, and because Black Mirror was a bit scary, an episode of BoJack afterwards.  (I’ve been ill.)

Blogging, I’ve been having so much fun reading people’s blogs, just spending a couple of hours reading people’s old posts.  So much better than tv, newspapers or magazines.  Actually, a million times better than magazines.  I have been introduced to someone new to follow, and someone else I’ve just spent time reading her old posts.  I just have so much respect for the people whose blogs I read, for their honesty, bravery, authenticity, and for giving me the privilege of being shown into their worlds.

And writing.  How many times must a lesson be repeated until it is learned?  Writing makes me feel better.


Thank you very much for reading.