This is us in Norwich Travelodge.  Anyone familiar with Travelodge will recognise the picture above the bed as they seem to have the same one in all the rooms.

We checked out today after five nights.  We got most things done and everything else can wait.  As well as cancelling stuff to do with the old house, we did stuff for the trip including applying for our visas for India and booking some accommodation in Thailand.   Also, registering, insuring and licensing our… BOAT!

I have been a bit quiet about this because up until today I hadn’t told my mum.  I know, pathetic.  I almost didn’t mention this here because I thought it might dismay the younger people that someone can be forty-seven years old and still be scared of their mum.

But then I remembered, I am not a role model and we all help each other here, regardless of age.  I soak up so much wisdom from Smut. and Self-Esteem and she is twenty-two, I think.

But mainly, I have promised to be honest here and this was a big thing that was going on for me.   Last night I was awake a lot and anxious and as Smut…  wrote about in her last post, I just laid with it.  That helped a lot.

Anyway, my mum was fine about it and so all my anxiety was lifted clean away.

Wow, I can’t believe how this feels, to not have anything to worry about or feel guilty about, I said afterwards.  I had set my intention that after I would go to the pub, sit in the garden and have a cigarette.  Which I did, but even better, outside the pub I met my lovely friend who I shall call Jessica Rabbit, and she came too.

Mind you, the stress of the last few days has taken its toll, I struggled with basic tasks such as working out how an ashtray works.  I am not really fit for company.

And then my husband drove us to the boat, and here we are.

Of course we still have too much stuff. We only need four of anything as no more people could fit on.  Already I have abandoned the idea of wine glasses.  Tomorrow we will put things away and I want to allocate clothes space then we can’t go over our allotted space.  That really appeals to me.  I still have warm clothes, of course, and India clothes that wouldn’t fit in the rucksack.   We don’t look like minimalists right now, but I do feel a bit back to nature already.

Thank you for reading

Rachel xxx