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This afternoon I did some yoga in the hallway of our room.  It was only a few stretches on a rug rather than a proper mat, but it felt good.  It felt good to stretch after the tension of travelling.  And of course I couldn’t help thinking whilst I was doing it, I’m doing yoga.  In India.  Even writing that makes me well up a little.

We slept in late and then headed to the same place we ate dinner last night to get breakfast.  We were surprised to see that almost everything was closed, the shops, the people selling from little stalls outside the shops, nowhere seemed open.  Happily our restaurant although  apparently closed was really open, and we had to duck under the almost closed shutters to get in.  Apparently there was a strike (just for the morning) over new government regulations about the distance the stalls need to be from the shops.

During the hottest part of the day we are lucky enough to be able to take siesta time (Vamkukshi in Sanskrit).  With the drapes drawn, the windows closed and the fan on, we can keep it cool enough.  If we got too hot, we could always take a shower; the water is tepid rather than ice cold, but I was almost chilly after my shower this morning.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, due I suppose to excitement, the emotion of the day and travelling across  timezones.  I dimmed my tablet and laid in bed reading One Black Tree’s latest post.    This was so well written as always and illustrated beautifully and perfectly with artwork that is just right.  I also want to say perfectly researched but that is not quite the word as it implies a scientific paper, but OBT has read, reflected, put into practice so many ideas and then explained them just right.  Her posts are always wonderful, but this particular post for me last night was so perfect.

I was too tired to absorb it all; I think it warrants a second and third reading anyway, but late last night as I turned over in my mind the enormity of what I have done and wondering am I capable of seeing it through (after my mini meltdown on arrival) reading this was the cure I needed.  I couldn’t summarise it and do it justice, but this last quote saw me into a peaceful state, good sleep, and then waking to something amazing:  A change of feeling is a change of destiny.

I was woken this morning by my husband saying, We got an email, we got an email, we got an email from The Daventry Express saying they want to do a story on us.  This is our local- to the boat- newspaper.  In the last days of being in the UK I sent a few emails out just in case people might find our story interesting, and today we got one back!  Is this because I changed my feeling?  It certainly felt like that this morning.

Oh, and I got my period, and not for the first time thought, Well, that explains a lot.  I didn’t actually bring any tampons and pads in the end (I had to be ruthless with space), just a few panty liners, so I need to get with the programme I have set myself for India of cloth sanitary pads, of which I bought a really nice pack complete with handy storage bag before I left, straight away.  And a mooncup, although I have been less successful with this when I tried it in the UK.  If anyone successfully uses one and wouldn’t mind advising me please do use the contact page to get in touch.

Thank you for reading

Lots of love

Rachel xxx