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Yesterday evening we went by Tuk Tuk to Connaught Place.  Going by Tuk Tuk from Main Bazaar to Connaught Place is a good metaphor for the need to just let go while being in India.  The Tuk Tuk ride felt at times like a seriously grown up version of the dodgems and felt risky at times.

But whatever it looks like to Western eyes the traffic seems to work here.  Lanes merge all the time, horns are used all the time but to say, I’m coming, rather than in anger.  We’ve seen near misses and slight bumps but not seen anyone getting angry, and every moment there are the types of driving interactions that would lead to serious road rage in the UK.

Later we went back to ‘our’ restaurant for a drink.  We chatted a lot with the staff and I practised my few phrases I have learned from YouTube ‘Hindi in 3 minutes’.  The man we were talking with understood me when I said my name is and pleased to meet you, but when I said, Svaagat hai (you’re welcome) he thought I said, Are you crazy, so a bit more practice needed there.

The blurred sign in the photo says Hare Krishna.  It is right outside our hotel.  Standing looking at it from our balcony last night reminded me of way back when when I used to do different spiritual practices.

I thought, all that was to get me to here.  I’m not saying I’ll never do any spiritual practices again, but right now it is about the practical application of all that theoretical and spiritual exploration.

Also last night I saw a dog eating biscuits that someone had put out for them, although they stopped when I went to take their photo.

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