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The photograph above shows all the clothes I’m travelling with, except underwear and footwear.  Project 333 is a framework to help people apply minimalism to their clothing.  The original Project 333 link here

This is from a post of mine from March, just before we left:



‘This is my empty clothes drawer and the pile in the photo above is all of my clothes that I am leaving.  I realised today that I haven’t worn hardly any of them since being on the boat, but also that I have lots that I love, plenty of warm things as well as summer and going out clothes; a very small amount- that drawer wasn’t even half full- but that I really love.  I have so few clothes compared to a year or two ago, yet I am infinitely more satisfied with my wardrobe (drawer).

I am excited, I am happy and I absolutely can’t wait to get to beautiful, beautiful India!’

I arrived in India at the end of March 2018 with 9kg and have been reducing that ever since.  My own current Project 333 is driven by travelling with a 7kg hand luggage allowance only.  At home it’s driven by living on a narrowboat with limited storage space.

Warm clothes came with us and were abandoned in Delhi, replaced in Tokyo and Nepal; and from now to be kept for North Vietnam and arrival in and return to UK (in March 2019).

Having only a few clothes means clothes get worn out easily through lots of washing and wringing.  Plus things sometimes seem unsuitable as we move to a different area.  And sometimes I just want a change! Clothes we no longer want are left behind for staff or given away.

The items I am most happy with are the three dresses made from Malaysian lungis- two metres of material worn by men- here is a picture of man wearing a lungi- bought in Varkala, Kerala.


This is the tailor’s shop who made the most recent two and who fixed the first one which had been made several times before by other tailors when we were here last time and wasn’t quite right- an earlier post described my difficulties finding clothes to fit me in India

This is my current, full list:  Two bras, six pairs of knickers, three pairs of socks, one black summer dress, three lungi dresses, one purple vest top, one black summer top, one black vest, one thin black sarong/scarf, one pair of thin black trousers, one blue warm shawl, one pair of warm black leggings, one pair of warm black trousers, one blue long sleeved top, one orange-brown jumper, two modest tops, one pair of shoes and one pair of flip flops.


Pretty much everything.  Last weight 7.5kg including handbag and tablet.

I don’t usually cart bottles of shampoo or other general products around; it’s part of the settling in process to find or pick a local shop, introduce ourselves and buy shampoo and conditioner- can buy sachets for a short stay- plus toothpaste, loo rolls, tissues, and moisturiser.

Right now I am happy with my clothes- this is unusual on this trip.  I can wear a nice dress to go outside, and lounge indoors in a sun top and sarong.  Thin trousers and scarf mean I can add cover ups as required.  We are in a tourist area so the dress code is more relaxed; I’ve only really covered up fully when going into town, the hospital or to avoid the sun.  I’ve enjoyed being able to wear my new dresses here, even though they are still fairly modest by Western standards.  I hope my clothes will be suitable and I’ll still feel happy with them in Hampi, then Cambodia then Vietnam.  At least I have plenty of warm things for arriving at Heathrow in March…

PS I have decided to be brave and use my real name online from now on.  Sorry for any confusion!

Thank you very much for reading

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