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We leave India for the third and final time during this trip on Friday 4th January.

Here’s a few highlights, with links to the relevant posts.

We ended our India journey in Hampi where my love affair with India began back in April.

In Kanyakumari, at the Southern most tip of India, where three seas meet and you can see the sun rise and sun set, I fell in love with the people and with the delightfully painted houses.

I was once more overwhelmed with love in Chennai.  Our dear friend Y from Chennai who we met in a seminal moment of the trip in Kerala, took us to his temple and gave us an unforgettable soul experience.  We stayed at Broadlands, where we were bathed in the Call to Prayer each morning, wandered around the fruit and veg market, drank chai, and fed the sadly very thin cows.  

Cosmic Recognition, a term coined by our lovely friend Renate who we met in Varkala; recognising and meeting our people along the way.  Thank you.

Thank you India!

Thank you very much for reading

For photos of the trip see Instagram travelswithanthony

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