From January 2018. Extricating ourselves from our previous life, and preparations and planning for the trip: ‘Firstly, go straight to India as soon as we can.’ Love that plan!



This is Alfie the cat, sitting in a sunny spot on top of the shed in the garden of his new home.  We can’t take the cats travelling with us.


So, dismantling your home is stressful.  Selling a house is stressful, with  last minute things such as electrical safety tests, extra expenses, and we won’t even know it’s really happening until contracts are exchanged, which could be weeks away.  But the buyer has been round, she brought her kids, they ate Foxes Party Rings (vegan) and picked out their bedrooms, and their mum and I vowed not to pull out.

I’m working out my notice and in true me style trying to cram as much in as possible.  I’ve even got a student right up until I leave, but luckily she is awesome.  I want to enjoy it as it’s my last hurrah, but I don’t want to enjoy it…

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