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Photo of the whole family- just.  I have the greatest respect for wildlife photographers; trying to take a picture of this family wasn’t easy!  We also have a group of three female Mallard ducks who wait for us each morning and hang out near the boat most of the time.  A moorhen has appeared recently although they are very shy and spend most of the time hidden away on the opposite bank.  Also we have had one visit from a pair of Canada geese and their almost-grown family.

We’ve been painting the outside of the boat, starting with the roof.  The weather needs to be dry, but not too hot or the paint dries too fast on the metal.  So we’ve been getting up early and doing an hour or two in between the overnight dew drying and it getting too hot.  Green is the top coat (coat one of two or three), the red is the red oxide undercoat (two coats) and the white is the original.



It was so hot yesterday it was like being back in Cambodia!  In the end we drove to London, only an hour and a half away from our place, enjoying the breeze/AC in the car and going to eat at the wonderful Indian Veg (92-93 Chapel Market, The Angel, London N1 9EX) an all-you-can-eat Indian vegetarian food buffet for less than £10 per person.  The walls are covered with quotes and facts, you can bring your own alcohol with no extra charge, and they give takeaway food to homeless people.  It’s a wonderful place.


I’ve almost finished Cambodia then onto Vietnam, the last part of the trip.  Then of course it will be editing and polishing.  I’m also working on two things I have been asked to do; a magazine article and a book review.  Unsurprisingly, the blog has felt a little neglected lately.  While out for a walk today I came up with an idea for a series of posts, easy to produce, inspiring to write and hopefully interesting to read, for whilst I am occupied with other writing and haven’t got a chapter extract ready to post.


I start work a week on Monday, a one week full time 9-5 induction, then after that a few shifts a week depending on what’s available.  I’m half looking forward to engaging with the outside world and doing something valuable (care work with people with brain injuries) but the getting up early will probably take a bit of getting used to…

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Sold house, left career, gave away almost everything else.  With husband went travelling for a year, mostly in India.   Here are my India highlights.  Now back in the UK, living on a narrowboat, and writing a book about the trip, a spiritual/travel memoir, extracts from which appear regularly on this blog.