It’s that time again! Time to to give up certain stuff. Time to add in other stuff. Time to clean up health wise and to raise awareness/frequency/move further towards bodhicitta.

As I said to someone the other day, even giving up one relatively small thing can have a large effect. My friend J said when she gave up caffeine it was like seeing the world as if she were a child again, the colours looked brighter, everything seemed more vibrant. My husband has experimented with giving up sugar for extended periods and found that very powerful too.

We both gave up all alcohol etc for around ten months. We continued to go to parties but left early. We even went to our usual festival- camping seemed a lot more uncomfortable. People find other people giving up alcohol very challenging. I understand that, I’ve felt teetotallers to be mysterious when I’ve been drinking. In a waiting room recently I read an interview with a very famous actor who doesn’t drink, even she said she orders something that people will assume is alcoholic, ‘Because people are threatened by non drinking.’

People are generally most horrified about experiments with no sex, again it’s about controlling one’s urges and managing one’s attention and energies. The harder it is, the more powerful the experience(!) Also it can be interesting to observe if sex/flirting is used to give/get attention/validation, what that means, and are there alternative ways? (Sit with it, validate yourself, wonder why you need validating, actually do something for the other person, etc)

No sex no drugs no sausage rolls #NoSextember

Starting from September 1st running through the whole month and beyond for some things. Full programme of dos and don’ts with some attempt at explanation on Sunday. And yes, Greggs vegan sausage rolls will be on the banned list!

Thank you very much for reading