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No sex no drugs no sausage rolls #NoSextember

My husband recently celebrated his 60th birthday and that inspired a fair bit of reflection and the creation of our September programme. The bodhicitta mind isn’t only about years of spiritual training or pure magic. Some of it is a choice which we can make right now e.g. think about how the Dalai Lama would behave in a traffic jam and act accordingly.

September Programme

Starting from September 1st running through the whole month and beyond for some things.

‘Be as healthy as possible’

‘Make good choices’

‘It’s not boring it’s radical’

Mediate together every day The only must do every day; show up daily for the commitment benefits likewise be careful what you commit to as self blame etc is not beneficial if you can’t stick to it.

No sex (see previous post)

One screen free day each week

No alcohol or cigarettes. For after work destress lying on the floor, doing yoga or tea and chat is just as good, plus free and and non harmful.

No sugary confectionary (no biscuits, cakes, tarts, sweet pies, chocolate, ice cream, etc, also no crisps.) The vegan junk food explosion has been a mixed blessing…

No Greggs vegan sausage rolls 😦

Overall be more healthy and wholefood and cooking from scratch but allow ourselves some bread, baked beans etc.

Yoga morning and/or night. I won’t hold myself to every day but intend to do daily- just a stretch will do

Put moisturiser on face each night as well as each morning as usual. Do regular salt facials (use salt as facial scrub.) Do regular electric toothbrush and baking soda teeth whitening.

Go for big walks/lots of walks

Have September as a super productive month re writing: Get to the end of the trip/draft (travel memoir) so that October, November and December are for the editing and polishing of the entire manuscript. Wish me luck!

Thank you very much for reading

About the author

Sold house, left career, gave away almost everything else.  With husband went travelling for a year, mostly in India.   Here are my India highlights.  Now back in the UK, living on a narrowboat, and writing a book about the trip, a spiritual/travel memoir, extracts from which appear regularly on this blog.