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The dear little brown rabbit is to accompany me on my travels and be photographed for Instagram followingthebrownrabbit.  Well that’s the intention, maybe they will just be cuddled a lot and see me through my anxiety.  Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety interspersed with feeling very excited.

The Lovely Bones (a book about a girl who gets murdered and the aftermath for her family), apparently the title has nothing to do with ‘bones’ but about the support structures that spring up around people after a loss.

On Friday night we went out for leaving drinks with my husband’s sister, her daughter and her new boyfriend, and my son.  Seeing everyone was really lovely.  Especially lovely was seeing my sister-in-law getting on really well with my son, taking the time to chat to him one to one and being genuinely interested in and praising his art and his talent.  Nicest of all, she initiated them exchanging phone numbers and talking about meeting up to go round art galleries together.

Today, she said she’d be there for him while we were away.  My husband thanked her for me and she said, I just looked at him and I thought I need to get your phone number, you are Rachel’s son.  I cried then I was so touched.  Another friend of mine, an artist, has called him about collaborating/advice.

So I have learned this week:
1. There’s no such thing as a free lunch (see previous post)
2. There really is light in the darkest of places, as long as one remembers to turn on the light (from Harry Potter)
3. The Lovely Bones, one of my favourite books, is named after a concept that has come true for me this week
4. Don’t leave it until the window goes from green to red to empty the boat toilet (very heavy).  It might not be one of the best jobs of boat life, but little and often is the key.


On our way!  Me and my husband at the bus stop this morning!  We are staying  tonight with a friend in London and flying to Delhi on Monday evening.



This is my empty clothes drawer and the pile in the photo above is all of my clothes that I am leaving.  I realised today that I haven’t worn hardly any of them since being on the boat, but also that I have lots that I love, plenty of warm things as well as summer and going out clothes; a very small amount- that drawer wasn’t even half full- but that I really love.  I have so few clothes compared to a year or two ago, yet I am infinitely more satisfied with my wardrobe (drawer).

I am excited, I am happy and I absolutely can’t wait to get to beautiful, beautiful India!

Lots of love to everyone, and special greetings to readers in India!

PS on the way home from Norfolk on Friday (while I was in the loo unfortunately) my husband saw Stewart Lee in the garage and was able to shake his hand and tell him how much he loves his stuff.  Then for our party night last night (for our last night on the boat) we spent most of the evening watching Stuart Lee on YouTube.  There is zero chance of him reading this, but if he is, we love you!